Meet the Team

We tap into our 50+ collective years of media and communication experience to help your brand resonate with your ideal customer. As a husband and wife team with perfectly complementary skill sets, we can cover all of your content production needs.

Tim Wohlberg is a podcast expert, audio and video editor

Valerie McTavish

Valerie is the principal and founder of VM Creative Content. She holds a BA in Communication from Simon Fraser University and has over 25 years of production and communication experience. Before she had finished university she was already producing her own TV show.

Producing stints in corporate video production, documentary, advertising, short film, talk radio, live television news and lifestyle programs filled in the decades. Her efforts were recognized with dozens of awards as a producer and writer. In 2010, she decided to leave her position as the Senior Producer of a live, morning news program to start VMCC. She shifted her focus from the small screen to the even smaller screens because she knew it was the future of communication and information consumption.

She soon discovered that her skills transferred easily to digital content production and her understanding of what makes an audience tick made her content effective. Whether she’s writing, producing videos or developing out a content strategy, she uses her vast experience to benefit the client by creating the right kind of content (and putting it in the right place) to attract the ideal customer to a brand. She prides herself on being creative, innovative and highly organized.

When she’s not producing or writing content for others, she loves to write creatively, cycle through the hills of Kelowna, swim, run, knit, make jewelry and travel to far off places.


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Tim Wohlberg is a podcast expert, audio and video editor

Tim Wohlberg

Tim fell into radio as a bit of a default. He was born an entertainer but discovered he wasn’t all that interested in pursuing an acting or comedy career. Radio DJ seemed like a pretty good alternative.

His stints behind the mic took him to several small towns across Western Canada until he found his way to the ‘majors’ in Vancouver. Little did he know that he would prove to be exceptionally talent both on and off mic. As a radio producer he won a national RTNDA and was a part of Vancouver’s top rated morning radio program for years. During this time, he also shared his knowledge as an instructor at a radio broadcasting college.

After an impressive radio career he started to notice changes in the industry that made him think it was time to move on. He left his job to move to Kelowna and be his own boss. He picked up a few new skills – using his understanding of audio editing – to become a video editor and camera operator as well as figuring out how to build websites. And, he’s hosted and produced several podcasts, discovering that his old radio mantra of creating content that is ‘audience-centric’ rings true in new media as well. Whether he’s shooting or editing video, crafting audio content or developing out podcasts he does it with the audience in mind.

When he’s not working away creating content, Tim loves to cycle, hike, curl, cook, sample wine and craft beers, create and play music, take and edit photos and travel the world.

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Experience + Evolution

VMCC has been involved in content production since the time when it was called broadcasting and communications. If we learned one thing from our history in traditional media it’s that the audience is fickle and you have to figure out what they want. Then, give it to them. That’s never changed. We’ve followed the audiences from traditional media to the internet and adapted our skills in audio and video production along the way. As experienced as we are, we know there is always more to learn, always new ways to innovate and connect with that audience. We are constantly evolving so that we help our clients not only reach their ideal audience but convert them into customers and fans.

  • Video Production 90%
  • Blogging & Writing 75%
  • Audio Production 85%
  • Content Strategy & Management 65%
  • Customer Happiness 100%