Another summer, shot.  I mean that literally – we’ve been shooting video all summer long.

filming on Tunnel Mountain in Banff, Alberta

In the past 3 months, we’ve shot more than 50 lifestyle videos for the web. Shooting had us on the run from Kelowna to Vancouver, Banff, Canmore, Calgary Toronto and Montreal.

The bulk of these were lifestyle videos for Tuja Wellness.  We scaled mountains to do yoga in the wild, cooked up beauty products, tested new wellness ideas and tapped into some really inspiring stories. We also worked with horses, dogs, pigs (such divas!), donkeys, lamas, kids and a few nervous Nellies.

Valerie Directs while Tim films for Tuja WellnessWhy shoot so much at once?  Our client came to us with a need for quality, volume and a good deal. They knew that if they were going to enter the video content arena, they’d need to publish videos regularly and that those videos would need to be on brand and have value to their growing audience. We suggested to them that shooting ‘in bulk’ would give them economies of scale but would still result in engaging, informative and valuable content. And that’s how we ended up with the video shooting marathon of summer 2012.
Our client now has almost a year’s worth of weekly videos in the can. Some are series and some are one offs, but they have all been shot with the brand’s voice and perspective. We’d like to show them all to you, but it’s up the client when they will roll out. The best way to never miss a video is to subscribe to their YouTube Channel.


Photos courtesy of Kyla Gaertner