Your brand is unique and it has a story to tell. Here’s a few examples of how we’ve helped brands share their stories.

One of eight bio videos produced for this law firm’s website. Unscripted, director-prompted, multi-camera shoot, editing and motion graphics.

This winery wanted to create a visual brochure that would serve as an invitation to visitors. Full production, multi-camera shoot, drone, editing and motion graphics.

A local ski resort requested a promotional video. Creative concept development, director-prompted interviews, use of third party footage, editing and logo animation.

This ‘manifesto’ video was created to explain a complicated idea and build an audience. Creative concept development, animation direction, script, voice over and audio design.

Documenting a unique experience available at this winery to inspire more visitors to try it. Event documented with multiple cameras, directing, editing and motion graphics.

This is a YouTube trailer produced for an online wellness company to drive more subscriptions. Script writing, directing, shooting, editing and motion graphics.


Creating on-brand videos that inform, educate and inspire helps drive traffic to your website or social media channels. Check out a few of the hundreds of our content videos we created that sparked a buzz and delivered traffic.


How-to video for wellness website that has close to 350,000 views. Conceptualized, directed, multi-camera shoot, editing, motion graphics and YouTube optimization.

Informative video for wellness website featuring store owner (branded content). Unscripted, director-prompted, multi-camera shoot, editing and motion graphics.

Stunt/reality video shot live on the street with real people reactions. Conceptualized, directed, partially scripted, multi-camera shoot, editing and motion graphics.

Social media ‘mini’ video featuring chef Vikram Vij used to prompt conversation on wellness publisher’s channels. Unscripted, director-prompted, editing, motion graphics.

Cooking video created for wellness website featuring one of their columnists. Partially scripted, directing, multi-camera shoot, editing and motion graphics.

Collaboration video featuring well known blogger for wellness website. Unscripted, director-prompted, multi-camera shoot, editing and motion graphics.


Let’s face it, you’re not in business to just look good; you have to make money. Here are a few examples of videos that helped our clients sell. 

Promotional video for Costa Rican yoga retreat featured on their website. Unscripted, director-prompted, testimonials, multi-camera shoot, Go-Pro, editing and motion graphics.

Fifteen second ad promoting season pass sale viewed over 40,000 times on social media in 2 weeks. Concept, useof found footage, video editing and motion graphics.

Personal invitation by niche yoga website to participate in membership site (also created by VMCC) for sales page. Scripting, directing, teleprompter, multi-camera and editing


We pride ourselves on being able to adopt a variety of different voices in our writing. We don’t force our voice onto your brand. Here’s a sampling of some of the writing work we’ve done.


Provided all website copy, editing on blogs and some original blog copy as well. Video content and courses were also produced by VMCC.

Developed, reseached and wrote regular blog on a variety of topics around this brand’s central theme of spontaneity. SEO best practices employed.

Developed, researched and wrote several different columns, blogs and web copy for this wellness website. This is an example of one column.


Our podcast and audio services range from editing your content right through to producing and hosting a custom content podcast for you. Here are a few of the podcasts we’ve created from scratch and a piece of audio content created for a membership site.


Don’t see an example of what you have in mind? We’ve created thousands of pieces of content and we likely have an example along the lines of what you’re looking for. Get in touch with us and we’ll create a customized portfolio for you.