A content strategy is critical for a company to gain significant and sustainable results from their digital marketing efforts, establish a strong brand and attract (and retain) a loyal fan base.

Unfortunately, many companies create content without a strategy and fail to reap the full benefits.

Content can take many forms from blogs to videos, podcasts, newsletters, and webinars as well as shorter format content like social media posts (including messaging, text, articles, strategic influencer sharing, hashtags, and images). The strategy determines which of these is the best way (or ways) to connect in a meaningful way with the ideal customer.

To do that, we have to look at brand, target audience, determine where and how content is being consumed, assess what competitors and influencers are doing, develop creative ideas for content, set a schedule in place, and determine metrics for measuring success. Yes, all of this needs to happen before content is created to ensure the content will be effective.

A content strategy is like a playbook. It tells you exactly what needs to be done, how it needs to be executed, how often, and on which channels.

Great content is useless if it never gets found by your customers.

We work with our clients to create a strategy that melds with their overall marketing plan and ensures that their content efforts are as effective as possible.

Each strategy we create is custom. Contact us to discuss what yours might look like.


Video is a powerful online communication tool that many brands underestimate. Statistic show that including a video on a landing page can increase conversion by 80%. Plus, videos are more likely to be shared, with 92% of mobile video consumers saying they regularly share videos with others. Want more engagement? Including a video in your email marketing increases click rates by 300%.

We’ve produced over 200 videos and tens of thousands of hours of radio and television. We’ve worked with high-paid professionals and nervous amateurs (and we use the same proven process to make them all look great on camera). Our videos have garnered well over a million views and, more importantly, have resulted in massive audience growth and customer conversion for our clients.


We don’t believe in video for video sake. We work with our clients to ensure that the videos not only get views but reflect their brand, resonate with their target audience, are highly shareable, and inspire the desired consumer action. This might mean short social media videos, valuable content videos, corporate stories, company bios, training videos, e-courses or sales videos.

We also help companies set up and optimize their YouTube channel as well as train individuals and groups on creating quality videos internally for social media.  See our work.


Landing Page Conversion Increase


Mobile Viewers Share Videos with Others


Email Marketing Click Rate Increase


Writing is still the primary way that search engines rank your website. It’s also a critical way to communicate your message to your audience. Therefore, the quality of the writing on your website will directly impact how well your site is found and received by your target audience.


Good writing goes beyond keywords, content volume and grammar. Effective web copy and written content reflects the voice of the brand, tells the intended story, and connects with the target demographic in a powerful way. Doing this while acheiving the desired sales or marketing results is what makes good writing great. And, worth your investment.


We’ve written over half a million words of web copy. From blogs to website content to email campaigns, we’ve adopted a variety of different ‘voices’ that connect with a wide range of demographics. We love to share stories in compelling ways, create content that gets shared, and deepens the connection our clients have with their intended audience.  


You won’t always find one of us in the byline. Often we’re the anonymous voice of the brand and sometimes we’re even the secret ghostwriters behind an individual who simply doesn’t have the time to put out the quality and volume of writing that is needed to meet their marketing goals. We’ve even ghostwritten ebooks, ecourse scripts and long-form lead generation documents.

With our vast experience writing for various publications and brands, we know how to adjust our style to suit the needs of the client. Read our work.



Podcasting may seem like a trendy buzzword these days but it’s got some statistics to back it up. Podcasting has grown in popularity quickly in the past 10 years. In a 2016 survey, 36% of Americans said they listened to podcasts with 21% listening regularly. Podcast fans listen to an average of 5 podcast per week and do so on primarily on their mobile.

Despite the popularity of podcasting and the audience access it provides a brand, few companies are taking full advantage of the opportunity. We’re happy to help. We’ve developed and produced 3 podcasts from the ideation stage right through to weekly production and publication. One of which cracked the iTunes top ten podcast list. 

As radio broadcasters (and one former broadcast instructor), we have the capabilities to get companies set up to self produce and can also coach new podcast hosts. We also offer a podcast editing and publication services.

In addition to podcasting, we’ve provided our clients with additional audio content including meditations, original music, earcons (to go with actions on the website or to match animated logos), and course content.

We have also provided a significant amount of audio content and audio production to agritainment venues (farms with tourism installments) and audio tours. Hear our work.


We develop multi-media campaigns to share the story of your brand. Sometimes video, audio and writing aren’t enough to make that story sing. We work with our clients to develop custom creative content that might also include: webinars, e-courses, apps, microsites, audio and video installations, broadcast content (programs, branded content, infomercials and advertisements), content and marketing strategies, social media campaigns and images.


We thrive in the ideation stage and have had great success working with our clients in the development of creative concepts and campaigns. 


Before you start to think that we do it all, there are things we don’t do. We prefer to stay within our core competencies so we’re not the right people to help you with development of printed marketing assets (physical banners and ads, signage, etc.), live marketing events (tradeshows), and corporate slideshow presentations.

Otherwise, if you’re looking for content of any kind, we can likely help you.